Fire-Starting Tools Hand-Crafted in Georgia, USA
The Best Made!


In A Survival Situation, Building a Fire behind -Shelter- is the
most important "Life Saving" thing you can do!
A Fire will Do the Following:

-Instills Confidence
-Calms You
-Warms You
-Drys Wet Clothing
-Purifys Water
-Repels Insects
-Cooks Food
-Provides Light
-Saves Your Life


On top of a mountain in Mineral Bluff, Georgia I have a woodworking shop. This is where I and my helpers (Beau: a Great Pyrenees and Gunny: a Basset Hound) design and make the best Fire-Starting tools available.
I was very frustrated with what was available in the market. Everything was made in China with very low quality.
I decided to use the best materials I could find and put them together in a beautiful wood package that works everytime it is used.
I use the best domestic and exotic woods available along with the best high speed steels and oxide rods and aircraft grade magnesium bars.
On top of that they are considered fine art in their design.

I make 3 different pieces:

Check them out.
You will not be dissapointed

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