Highest Quality Hand Made FireStarters- Crafted in the USA


Build a fire as soon as you have a basic shelter then improve on it in the dark if needed.

I just recieved my "Exotic Wood Pyro-Steel" in Blue Flame Color. This tool is awsome firestarting tool. The handles look amazing. How did you get that look? I am a Marine stationed at Camp Legeune, NC. I used this in a survival training course and it worked flawlessly. I will keep this with my gear at all times. The fire rod is large and the scraper is very sharp. It is very well made and fits my hands perfectly. This thing produces a TON of sparks. I am telling all my friends. Thank you GaPyro

Nathan, US Marine Corps

GaPyro firestarters' produce an amazing amount of 3000 degree sparks. Our Magnesium burns at 5000 degrees. WET or DRY

Our Large Oxidizing Rods will give you over 20,000 strikes!

Our Scraper/Sparkers are 1/4" square High Speed Steel Tool Bits. Very Sharp

Our Scrapers are sharp enough to scrape wood to make tinder for fire starting




In a survival situation, building a fire is one of the most important things to do

-It instills confidence.
-It calms you.
-It warms you when cold
-It drys wet clothing.
-It boils water to purify
-It repels insects
-It repels animals.
-It sends smoke signals.
-It protects you.
-It cooks your food.
-It provides light to see.
-It will save your life.

In these types of situations you need to have a reliable way to start a fire. Hand Made Survival Firestarters work every time using our simple techniques and high quality materials. These are the BEST firestarters you will find and areHandmade in Georgia USA Survival Firestarter Products are used by many people including:
US Military, hikers, hunters, scouts, survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone else who wants a reliable way to start a fire no matter what.

If you purchase a Survival Firestarter you will not be dissapointed and you'll never worry about being able to start a fire! Survival Firestarter Products:

Hot Blocks Products:
We make a variety of survival firestarters to suit every need. All are hand turned on a wood lathe and we use only the best quality grade woods. Our products are beautiful pieces of "Fire Art". They are very comfortable to use and they WORK wet or dry. They are made to last a lifetime & produce thousands of 3000+ degree sparks.
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New Mag-Block

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Mag Block

I have been asked many, many times to make a fire-starter that has the larger magnesium rod in a compact kit like our very popular "HOT-BLOCK". The Mag-Block is just that.

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Compact enough to fit into your hand, pocket, pack, purse, or go-bag with the quality and hand made workmanship you have come to expect from GeorgiaFiresteel.
Hand-Made Survival Fire Starters


These are the Best Made, Beautiful, and Toughest Working Survival Firestarting Products in the market.
If you want a very nice reliable firestarting tool,
Please purchase a
Survival Fire-Starter.

Thank you

Warning: FireSteel Products are SERIOUS fire making gear used for survival, camping, hiking, and other outdoor sports. Before purchasing aFireSteel Product or using a FireSteel Product , you must first agree that you or those you give firesteels to are fully and legally responsible for the safe use of this fire making gear and completly understand the potential hazards posed by bright, hot, approx. 3000 degree sparks produced by our FireSteel Products. You agree that you or those you give firesteels to will use FireSteel Products in a safe manner just as you would use any other firemaking gear because you know that hot sparks and fire can injure people and property. If you do not agree to these terms then you are not allowed to purchase or use FireSteels. If you have our FireSteel Products and do not agree you are fully responsible for their use you are required to return them to or dispose of them in a safe manner. assumes no responsibility for use or misuse of our products


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