Highest Quality Hand Made FireStarters, Firesteel- Crafted in the USA


We use many different types of hardwoods to produce our survival firestarters.

Check with us often to see what is available.

Finishes are all a special blend of Tung Oil, Danish oil, and Poly. Gives you a beautiful and very tough coating.

All of our products are hand turned on a wood lathe one at at time .

Always keep a survival firestarter handy for emergancy situation. Keep them in your house, car, go-bag, pack ---etc.

Our Strikers are 1/4" square High Speed Steel Tool Bits.
Very Sharp

I use an design tecnique using very high voltage electricity. Outcome is Beautiful

Our survival firestarters produce an Amazing amount of 3000+ degree sparks
Wet or Dry!

They will last a lifetime! Products
The Finest Survival Firestarters Available Handmade in Georgia, USA

Fire Starters

Shock Blocks


These are Survival Firestarters made to be compact, easy to use and store in a pack, purse, go-bag, pockets etc with ease. They are hand made using only quality solid hardwoods, large Oxidizing rods, and our exclusive high speed tool bit scraper. Compact, Quality, Beauty, Affordable, and Works Every Time!

Hot Blocks are our Best Selling Products !

As Always:


GFS: Pyro-Mag Magnesium Firestarters
electric Pyromag




These are beautiful hand-turned wood handled survival firestarters made with magnesium and oxidizing rods. Our high speed steel striker is inserted into the top of the body for easy access. These are beautiful, made to work and last a lifetime.

GFS: Accessories

Survival Products, and DIY Firestarter Parts.
Items that go well with our firestarters

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Warning: FireSteel Products are SERIOUS fire making gear used for survival, camping, hiking, and other outdoor sports. Before purchasing aFireSteel Product or using a FireSteel Product , you must first agree that you or those you give firesteels to are fully and legally responsible for the safe use of this fire making gear and completly understand the potential hazards posed by bright, hot, approx. 3000 degree sparks produced by our FireSteel Products. You agree that you or those you give firesteels to will use FireSteel Products in a safe manner just as you would use any other firemaking gear because you know that hot sparks and fire can injure people and property. If you do not agree to these terms then you are not allowed to purchase or use FireSteels. If you have our FireSteel Products and do not agree you are fully responsible for their use you are required to return them to or dispose of them in a safe manner. assumes no responsibility for use or misuse of our products


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