Highest Quality Hand Made FireStarters- Crafted in the USA

Handmade-Compact Concealable Firestarting Products

Build a fire as soon as you have a basic shelter then improve on it in the dark if needed.

I received my "Outdoorsman Pyro-Steel" yesterday. It only took 3 days from the time I ordered till it arrived on my doorstep. Lightning fast response. After looking over the Pyro-Steel, "WHAT AN AWESOME TOOL!" This puts every other firesteel to shame. The quality id outstanding. This thing is built for the long haul. High quality and thoughtful ergonomics, What an awesome value. Thanks so much.
Pete-Detroit, MI

Georgia Firesteels' produce an amazing amount of 3000 degree sparks.

Use cotton balls for tender. One scrape of sparks from a Georgia Firesteel will cause it to start burning. Thats Fast!

Our Scraper/Sparkers are 1/4" square High Speed Steel Tool Bits. Very Sharp




This awsome NEW Firestarter design came about from our customer comments. We listened. Our customers wanted a Quality Firestarter that was compact enough to put into their pockets, packs, go bags etc. and still be very easy to use.

The "HOT BLOCK" has a hardwood body that inside houses a large 5/16" hot Oxidizing rod for an abundance of 3000 degree firestarting sparks. There is also our exclusive 1/4" square HSS Sharpened Steel Scraper. Our scraper is the best in the industry and works every time. There is nothing else like it.

Just pull apart to open the "HOT BLOCK" then slide the shapened edge of the scraper down the rod to easily start a fire. The "Hot Block" will give you approx 20000+ strikes for many years of firestarting security. It works Wet or Dry! Then easily slide the 2 halves back together when not in use. It will slip into your pocket, pack, or go bag. It does not take up much room in a purse. On top of that, just pull it apart and use the scraper as a very effective weapon. It is as sharp or sharper than most knives.

This New "HOT BLOCK" Firestarter has been designed to be compact, high quality, and has many hardwood/color choices. It works every time.


Hot Block_______Hot Block
Easily Fits into your Hand, Pocket, Pack, Purse or Go Bag

Hot Block

1. Large 5/16" x 4" Oxidizing Rod epoxy imbeded into handle.
2. 1/4" x 1/4" x 2.5" M2-High Speed Steel Striker. Very sharp and can also be used as knife or weapon when needed.
3. Quaity Solid Hardwood bodies.
4. The two pieces are held together with strong Rare Earth Magnets.
5. Very Rugged piece. Built for everyday use and good for approx. 20,000+ strikes.

Price Only $25

Woods Available:
-Oak: Natural,Green, Orange, Blue
Click Pictures below to see close up of each product
wood style and color

Hot Block Green Hot Block Walnut

Blue Flame Fire Orange

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Price Only: $29

Shock Blocks

Shock Blocks 2

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Shock-Blocks are the best sellers at all the shows and festivals we do!

Warning: FireSteel Products are SERIOUS fire making gear used for survival, camping, hiking, and other outdoor sports. Before purchasing aFireSteel Product or using a FireSteel Product , you must first agree that you or those you give firesteels to are fully and legally responsible for the safe use of this fire making gear and completly understand the potential hazards posed by bright, hot, approx. 3000 degree sparks produced by our FireSteel Products. You agree that you or those you give firesteels to will use FireSteel Products in a safe manner just as you would use any other firemaking gear because you know that hot sparks and fire can injure people and property. If you do not agree to these terms then you are not allowed to purchase or use FireSteels. If you have our FireSteel Products and do not agree you are fully responsible for their use you are required to return them to or dispose of them in a safe manner. assumes no responsibility for use or misuse of our products


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