Quality Magnesium FireStarters, Firesteel, Flint , Steel,- Crafted in the USA

GFS: NEW!!!! MAG-BLOCKS Fire-Starters

Our kits have everything you need to start a fire in any situation.

You have a choice when you order one of our Fire Starting Kits.
You get a choice of one of our best selling Handmade" Hot Block" Fire Starters
One of our Pyro-Steel Fire Starters

Kits come with one of our high quality Stainless Steel Survival Saws. Very Sharp and Very Useful when needed.

Our Kits come with some of our "Treated Cotton" . This stuff will burn hot and for a long time when used with our Fire Starting tools.

We use a variety of different woods to create a beautiful finish product.

Our Kit boxes are a high quality impact plastic. They are totally waterproof utilizing 4 snap locks and a internal O-Ring seal.

Our Kit boxes also have bottom and top Foam Cores used to protect the kits contents.









1. Only 4 ounces

2. Large 5/8" Magnesium Rod with 5/16" Oxide Rod for Fast Hot Fire-Starting!!

3. Full Size High Speed Steel Cutter/Striker.

4. All Housed in a beautiful solid wood Kit.

Best Fire-Starter !!!
Made in Georgia USA

Mag Block 2













Picture above displays woods/designs available:

-Solid Walnut
-Solid Quartersawn Oak
-Solid Quartersawn Oak Dyed Red
-Figured Maple with Fractal Woodburning:
Colors Available: Natural, Red, Orange

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All Available Fire-Starters
Thru the End of February

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New Mag Blocks


Classic Hot Blocks


Classic Pyro Mag















Warning: FireSteel Products are SERIOUS fire making gear used for survival, camping, hiking, and other outdoor sports. Before purchasing aFireSteel Product or using a FireSteel Product , you must first agree that you or those you give firesteels to are fully and legally responsible for the safe use of this fire making gear and completly understand the potential hazards posed by bright, hot, approx. 3000 degree sparks produced by our FireSteel Products. You agree that you or those you give firesteels to will use FireSteel Products in a safe manner just as you would use any other firemaking gear because you know that hot sparks and fire can injure people and property. If you do not agree to these terms then you are not allowed to purchase or use FireSteels. If you have our FireSteel Products and do not agree you are fully responsible for their use you are required to return them to or dispose of them in a safe manner. assumes no responsibility for use or misuse of our products


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