Highest Quality Hand Made Fire Starters- Crafted in the USA

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Build a fire as soon as you have a basic shelter then improve on it in the dark if needed.

Oxidizing Rods are a mixture of many materials but are mainly Iron and Magnesium. You can drill Oxidizing Rods but you have to put them under water otherwise they burn

Our 1/4" High Speed Tool Steel Scrapers can be sharpened. They are M2 HSS lathe tool bits made to be sharpened over and over. These are designed to cut steel.
Just use a grinder and keep the tips at the same angle that they come with.
Just rub the sides on a wet fine ceramic sharpening stone and the corners will quickly get very sharp.

Use cotton balls for tender. One scrape of sparks from a Georgia Firesteel will cause it to start burning. Thats Fast!

Our Scraper/Sparkers are 1/4" square High Speed Steel Tool Bits. Very Sharp

Our Scrapers are sharp enough to scrape wood to make tinder for fire starting

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DIY- Pack: Rod and Scraper

One(1) --5/16" x 4" Oxidizing Rod
One (1)-- Flat- High Speed Steel Scraper



Ferro Comparison

Very large high quality Oxidizingcerium Rod (rod only- no handle)

Sharpened High Speed Steel Scraper (scraper only- no handle)

Price: $10.00

Limited Time----Shipping: FREE!!






Warning: FireSteel Products are SERIOUS fire making gear used for survival, camping, hiking, and other outdoor sports. Before purchasing aFireSteel Product or using a FireSteel Product , you must first agree that you or those you give firesteels to are fully and legally responsible for the safe use of this fire making gear and completly understand the potential hazards posed by bright, hot, approx. 3000 degree sparks produced by our FireSteel Products. You agree that you or those you give firesteels to will use FireSteel Products in a safe manner just as you would use any other firemaking gear because you know that hot sparks and fire can injure people and property. If you do not agree to these terms then you are not allowed to purchase or use FireSteels. If you have our FireSteel Products and do not agree you are fully responsible for their use you are required to return them to or dispose of them in a safe manner. assumes no responsibility for use or misuse of our products


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